Brian O’Gorman, CEO of Cluid Housing Association

“Cluid has endeavoured to follow the highest possible Corporate Governance Standards since its inception in 1995. During the intervening years we have developed a robust set of governance policies and procedures.  The Code of Governance for the Voluntary Sector is a very welcome addition to the instruments available to us. It not only provides a set of important principles which echo Cluid’s core values, but also constitutes a valuable resource for Cluids directors to ensure they have an up to date resource on their own responsibilities as directors of a large charity”. The Code sets out all the important elements of good governance, with the checklist providing a useful guide to monitoring progress towards full compliance.

Chris White, CEO of Boardmatch Ireland

“Boardmatch as the national corporate governance charity is absolutely committed to maintaining the highest standards of governance. The new code has enabled us to work through a process which has informed and influenced what we do and how do it. Being a B standard organisation is a challenge for Boardmatch but one which have proved to be extremely valuable. The code is a fantastic source of information both for Voluntary Directors and for staff. Compliance hasn’t been easy even for Boardmatch, but we are a better governed, more fit for purpose for complying with the code than we were before it was issued.

I would encourage all organisations to engage in the process, look for support if you need it. Boardmatch convened a governance committee of the board to work through the code and ensure we complied with all of the various conditions. We have emerged from the implementation of the code much healthier, more transparent and more able to meet our core charitable objectives, other organisations will feel likewise”.
Anne-Marie McGauran, Chair of the Governance sub-group, One Family

“The Code has also helped us be more rigorous in how we assess the organisation’s progress. For example at board meetings we always get on-going updates on all main areas of work. But the Governance Code has prompted us to get together quarterly statistics, or key performance indicators, which help us to track the organisation’s work in a different way. Because these same statistics are reported every quarter, this allows us to see changes over time more accurately.”