A new report from Grant Thornton has found that charities are not capitalising on the potential of social media. It says that there is currently a social media knowledge gap at senior levels in charities worldwide.

The report, ‘Growing communities: How charity leaders govern social media globally to thrive online’ asked CEOs of charities a range of questions relating to their social media policies. The authors of the report used the findings to make a number of recommendations on the use of social media in their organisations.

Strategy: The charity’s strategy should drive social media use. The board must help formulate this strategy from a position of knowledge.

Governance: Charities should document their social media governance approach and share guidelines with everyone involved in their work.

Education and Training: Formal education programmes should be used at every level of the organisation.

Risk: Each organisation must weigh up the cost of social media against its benefits.

Impact: It is vital to measure impact, engagement and outcomes to justify investment in social media.

The report uses the findings of the survey to provide charity leaders with guidance on how to embrace social media.

Click here to view the full report.