A new report in the UK finds that reluctance amongst charities to invest in governance has led to a stagnation of board structure and lack of diversity.

The report, by Dame Mary Walsh, is the culmination of a six month working group session with sectoral representatives on skills and leadership in the social sector.

“The key problem is that many organisations in the sector are unwilling to invest in a significant way in their boards, whether that be recruiting new and more diverse board trustees, training/inducting trustees, carrying out board performance reviews or individual appraisals” the report said.

“Charities should be ‘nudged’ into investing more in their governance and into using the resources already available to them.”

Amongst other key findings, the report found that one of the main problem areas in the sector is inward looking board recruitment.

Speaking about the lack of diversity, Ms Marsh said; “We are missing the talent that we should have. Look at the BME [black and minority ethnic] profile of the sector – it’s appalling. We have very, very few people from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds in our senior leadership. And I’m sure all these things are reflected through the charity.”

Source: Civil Society