Good governance, or the lack of it, seems to be never out of the headlines at home or abroad. Ireland is still reeling from the tales of greed and mismanagement on the boards of Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide. In the UK, the demise of News International’s reputation around the phone-hacking scandal has grabbed the most column inches and airtime. And further afield, we recently learned that giant Swiss bank USB lost an estimated $2billion as a rogue trader played fast and loose with the money markets.

What does all of this bad news have in common? A lack of board leadership has certainly played its part, or in other words … bad governance.

I have always felt that the community, voluntary and charity sector can stand proud on this issue, but even among our own there have been headlines that the sector would have rather avoided. You may have heard of the furore around Amnesty International’s pay-offs to two of their senior management. If you didn’t, just read some of the comments that it’s supports and donors left for us.

‘Paying off Khan was ‘least worst option’ according to Amnesty’s IEC chair’.

And just last month we learned that Citizen’s Advice’s treasurer stepped down less than six months into the job after their auditors resigned over questions of how the charity accounts for its pensions deficeit.

‘Citizens advice auditor resigns over accounting treatment of pension hole’.


Boardmatch and Governance

Recently I have been spending some time in Dublin, working with Boardmatch to provide training on governance to charity chief executives and chairs. What has struck me is not only the appetite from Irish charities for this knowledge, but just how much best practice we can share with each other.

The principles of good governance are largely universal and have less to do with territory specific legislation and regulation.

So I’m thrilled that Boardmatch Ireland has teamed up with Governance magazine to offer you a free introductory subscription.

Governance magazine is the perfect fit for Boardmatch, as we share a common aim to support the development of the community and voluntary sector (the not-for-profit sector) by strengthening boards and making governance even more effective.

Governance magazine is read by thousands of chairs, trustees and chief executives from all sorts of charities, for whom it has become an essential resource. Each edition provides you and your colleagues with insightful case studies, best practice advice and carefully constructed model documents. It is written in a clear and straightforward style, allowing you to get what you need quickly and with confidence. The magazine is also complemented with premium content on, which allows you to go deeper into research and information as your requirements demand.

Governance is published bi-monthly and the price of the magazine starts at just £115 for which you receive five copies to distribute among your trustee board. This introductory offer gives you your opening two editions for free.

Click here to place an order.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about Governance before you take-up your free introductory offer, please call one of my team on +44 (0) 20 7819 1200 or email my Director of Communications at

Written by Dorothy Dalton

Editor, Governance Magazine