To date we have placed over 2,000 individuals onto not-for-profit boards through our free matching service, to organisations as diverse as credit unions, local community groups and overseas aid charities.
We have over 3,000 high-calibre candidates registered with Boardmatch, from solicitors, marketing & PR professionals, HR practitioners and senior financial analysts, all looking to contribute their valuable skill-sets to the not-for-profit sector.

  • Much needed skills brought onto not-for-profit boards in areas such as Marketing/PR/Finance/Legal.
  • Individual gains valuable leadership skills in unique setting and detailed insight into not-for-profit sector.
  • Board is refreshed and re-energised with injection of new blood and fresh ideas.
  • Increased board diversity.
  • Board and individual are exposed to a whole new network of contacts.

Our core objective is building the governance capacity of not-for-profit boards. We have over 1,500 not-for-profits using our services and have placed over 1,600 candidates onto not-for-profit boards.

  • Register and create a profile at
  • Once registered, organisations and individuals are asked to complete a profile with key information such as skills, interests and experience (for individuals) and mission/objectives, area of service and board description (for organisations).
  • The organisation can then upload board member vacancies to the site, once their profile is complete.
  • The Boardmatch system works by automatically generating compatible matches based on the information provided in profiles.
  • By clicking the ‘Match’ button, individuals and organisations are given a list of compatible matches to make contact with through the site.
  • If the organisation and individual feel the fit is right, a match is made!
“Using Boardmatch has opened up new ways of thinking about the profiles of people we need and of defining what we ask of them. We have been extremely fortunate and found an excellent Treasurer who brings years of experience and plenty of practical ideas for improving our financial management.”

International Aid Organisation