Register your organisation

First of all you’ll fill out a full profile of your organisation including as much detail as possible for our matching service.

Create the Vacancy

Second step in finding your ideal candidate is creating the vacancy you wish to have filled.

Search for a Match

With your vacancy available you can now search our extensive database of potential candidates.

Respond to Candidates

Now you’re set up to contact your candidate and organise meetings unless of course they’ve been in touch already.

Match Candidate and Close Position

That just leaves selection of your perfect candidate and closing down the position you’ve created.


Boardmatch – a new model of volunteering – offers you as a community and voluntary sector (non-profit) organisation the opportunity to recruit additional skills to your Board or Management Committee.

Many voluntary organisations recruit their board or management committee members from membership, through existing board members or other networks. Boardmatch Ireland compliments these methods. You can recruit additional skills to your board or management committee or sub-committees through this free, online service.

The free Boardmatch service matches your skills and experience needs at the Board with the skills and experience of people who have registered their interest in working on voluntary sector Boards. You do the matching proactively at the website and you choose what candidates to match with.

If you have any queries about any aspect of matching, please contact us on (01) 671 5005 or


The first stage of the process in registering as an organisation is to choose a login name (we suggest your organisation name), add an email address and a password and begin.

You are now brought straight to the Organisation Profile entry screens. The profile will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and while it can be edited later, it is useful to complete as fully as possible now – that way candidates (potential future board members!) searching for a match will be able to make clear decisions on inviting you to check them out.

You will be brought through six screens of information that make up your profile. All information will automatically be saved as you move to the next window.


Step 1. Organisation information
Your organisation name, current address, contact details and home website.  Ensure the email address which you enter is the one where you want to receive all correspondence from Boardmatch, and that the email address is one that is regularly checked for incoming mail. This correspondence will be either messages from Boardmatch itself or notifications of messages sent to you by a Candidate, you can then login to see the actual detail of messages from the candidate. (Note that Boardmatch will never give your contact details to any third party).
Step 2. Organisation Description
Give a short description of your organisation, describe your mission and programmes and some other details such as how many people work or volunteer with you.
Step 3. Board Profile
Describes your board or management committee; how many people are on it, how often they meet etc? A key field here is the time commitment board members are expected to make each month. It’s important to get this right as this is a key matching field. Candidates can then be realistic as to whether they can meet your time requirements or not, as they consider a match with you.
Step 4. Areas of service
This section has a series of grouped tick-boxes which summarise your areas of activity. Candidates will also have ticked similar boxes indicating their areas of interest within the voluntary sector and both sets of tick boxes will be compared as part of the matching process. This section is very important for the matching system to generate the most appropriate match for the current open position at your organisation. An additional section at the end of that screen asks at what stage of growth is your organisation– again, please tick all that may apply.
Step 5. Confirmation
Your organisation profile is now complete. Boardmatch staff will review and confirm (this is just to ensure that registering organisations are bone-fide). Your confirmation will come by email, and you will then be able to enter details of any board position you currently have available.
Terms & Conditions

Whilst Boardmatch Ireland will assist users on the website, Boardmatch Ireland strongly advise that all individual candidates and organisations carry out their own due diligence when contacting and proceeding with the other party.

Boardmatch has the right to remove candidates’ information from the website if they are no longer active on the service. If a candidate has not logged in to the Boardmatch platform in 12 months or more, Boardmatch will deactivate the candidate’s profile. If a candidate has not logged in to the Boardmatch platform in in 24 months or more, for data accuracy reasons, Boardmatch will delete the candidate’s details from the website. Boardmatch will keep a record of the date of all data changes and deletions from the database.

Boardmatch also has the right to remove organisations’ board vacancies from the website if we deem the information to be no longer accurate or the organisation ceases communication.

To ensure accuracy and consistency of information, if you wish to DELETE your Boardmatch Profile, please contact the Boardmatch Ireland team at If you wish to change your login details, please contact the Boardmatch Ireland team.

“At a time when our organisation was struggling to fill board vacancies from within, and needed particular skills, Boardmatch proved to be an excellent resource for matching our needs with those who had flagged their interest and had the time, interest and relevant experience”

Irish Blind Sports, Dublin