Step 1. Set up your Profile

Here you’ll be asked to input your experience to date, relevant information and upload a photo.

Step 2. Search for an Organisation

Once your profile is up you can use our free search service to find suited opportunities.

Step 3. Make a Connection

Once you’ve found a suitable vacancy you can send messages directly to that organisation. Connection made!


Boardmatch – a new model of volunteering – offers you the opportunity to volunteer your time, energy and skills to the nonprofit (community and voluntary) sector at a board level. While many people already volunteer within the sector, including on boards, there is an ongoing need for new people with diverse skills to join boards.

In return, you get a chance to give something back, to expand your skill set and experience, particularly in governance issues, and to build your leadership skills.

The free Boardmatch service matches your skills and expertise as a candidate with the needs and requirements of a nonprofit organisation via proactive work by you on the Boardmatch website. You manage your own matching, and choose what organisations to match with.

If you have any queries about any aspect of matching, please contact us on (01) 671 5005 or  email


The first stage of the process is to register as a candidate. Choose a login name (we suggest you use your email address), add an email address and password and begin. You are now brought straight to the Candidate Profile entry screens. The profile will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and while it can be edited later, it is useful to complete in full at this stage, that way organisations searching for a match will be able to make informed decisions when they invite you to look at their profile.

Step 1. Contact details

Your name, email address and telephone number and other contact details will be requested. Ensure the email address which you enter is the one where you want to receive all correspondence from Boardmatch. This correspondence will be either messages from Boardmatch itself or notifications of messages sent to you by an Organisation (you can then login to see the actual detail of messages from an Organisation).

Contact detail fields are mandatory and it is important to update these if you change emails etc.
Disclosure of your name and contact details are entirely at your own discretion and are normally only revealed when you have established mutual interest with an organisation. You will be identified to an organisation only as your Job Title and Company – e.g. Accountant, PwC – those are also mandatory fields. That helps an organisation see at a glance what your background and skill set is likely to be, and encourage them to check out your profile. (Note that Boardmatch will never give your contact details to any third party).

Step 2. Educational History
Enter any educational qualifications you think may be relevant, normally any more recent qualifications will suffice. Filling in this section is optional but based on experience to date, organisations do look at this section to get an overview of you as a candidate.
Step 3. Employment History
Again, enter details of any jobs you have held which you think may be relevant. Organisations use this section to access your level of work experience and level of responsibility.
Step 4. Volunteering History
Information relating to any previous volunteering can be entered in this section. This is useful in indicating to organisations if you have experience working in the voluntary sector or previous experience on a voluntary board.
Step 5. Skills and Experience
Tick the boxes to indicate the skills and experience which you have gained over the years. This is similar information to your work experience except in this tick-box format the information will be used by Boardmatch as it matches you to available positions.
Step 6. Non-profit Interests
This section enables you to indicate your own particular preferences in organisations (e.g. Arts, Theatre, Human Rights, and Children etc.). By ticking the various boxes, you can give a picture of your preferences which will be used in matching with organisations with available Board positions. Once you have completed this section, you have now created your personal profile which can be viewed or updated at any time. A key field here is the time you have available per month for Board work. This is matched with time commitment that would be expected by an organisation.
Step 7. Confirmation
You will now be sent an email requesting you to confirm your profile. The email asks you to click on a web address which will complete your profile (this is to avoid spammers). Once confirmed, you’re ready to begin matching.
Terms & Conditions

Whilst Boardmatch Ireland will assist users on the website, Boardmatch Ireland strongly advise that all individual candidates and organisations carry out their own due diligence when contacting and proceeding with the other party.

Boardmatch has the right to remove candidates’ information from the website if they are no longer active on the service. If a candidate has not logged in to the Boardmatch platform in 12 months or more, Boardmatch will deactivate the candidate’s profile. If a candidate has not logged in to the Boardmatch platform in in 24 months or more, for data accuracy reasons, Boardmatch will delete the candidate’s details from the website. Boardmatch will keep a record of the date of all data changes and deletions from the database.

Boardmatch also has the right to remove organisations’ board vacancies from the website if we deem the information to be no longer accurate or the organisation ceases communication.

To ensure accuracy and consistency of information, if you wish to DELETE your Boardmatch Profile, please contact the Boardmatch Ireland team at If you wish to change your login details, please contact the Boardmatch Ireland team.

“Boardmatch is a fantastic opportunity for those who have always wanted to make
A positive contribution in the voluntary sector but do not know where to start. It really does open up a whole new world”.

Matched Candidate