The Minister for Justice and Equality has announced the formal establishment of the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA). Speaking about its establishment, Minister Frances Fitzgerald said:

“The charity sector plays a vital role in our society and economy. It is important, both for the charity sector and for the wider public, that we can have trust and confidence in our charities. The right regulatory framework for charities can support them in their work, while also helping to ensure that they deliver public benefit and are accountable to their donors and beneficiaries.

The establishment of the Charities Regulatory Authority today represents the critical first step in reforming and strengthening the regulation of this sector.”

According to the Department of Justice, the key priority of the CRA will be to establish the Register of Charities, whilst it’s statutory functions will be introduced on a phased basis. Any charity which has obtained a CHY status before the 15th of October 2014 has been automatically registered with the CRA.

The new regulator has an independent Board of sixteen members: Conor Woods (Chair); David Brady; Katie Cadden; Sandra Chambers; Cynthia Clampett; Anna Classon; Tom Costello; Patricia Cronin; Fergus Finlay; Ann Fitzgerald; Patrick Hopkins; Hugh Maddock; Barbara O’Connell; Graham Richards; Senan Turnbull; and Noel Wardick. The Chief Executive is Úna Ní Dhubhghaill.