Matched Candidate

“I am delighted to put my professional skills to great use and hope that they benefit the charity that I am involved with, and would wholeheartedly recommend both charities and volunteers alike to avail of the efficient services that Boardmatch provide.”

Clúid Housing Association

“The assistance provided by Boardmatch was indispensable.  Once we had identified the area of need (in our case finance) we were provided with a list of potential board members with details of their work and interests.  This allowed us to target individuals who were familiar with the environment in which we work.  The result has been a board member who is knowledgeable and comfortable to discuss issues at board meetings and they are confident that they were making a positive contribution to our work.”

Irish Blind Sports

“At a time when our organisation was struggling to fill board vacancies from within, and needed particular skills, Boardmatch proved to be an excellent source for matching our needs with those who had flagged their interest and had the time, interest and relevant experience.”

Debra Ireland

“I realised that to have a successful fundraising strategy, the organisation needed to continue to be entrepreneurial. I looked towards the business sector to find these skills and through Boardmatch was introduced to highly motivated, business people that were prepared to invest their time and expertise in our organisation.

The introduction of business people to a board ensures a culture of change going forward.

The motivation to using Boardmatch was to bring business development skills and opportunities to Debra Ireland by appointing board members from the business sector.”

Matched Candidate

“I found the Boardmatch website to be a simple and straightforward way to identifying organisations looking for new Board members with my particular interests, skills and background.”