CroĆ­, The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation

“We recently engaged Chris White to facilitate a corporate governance and strategy meeting with our Board of Directors. This exercise was extremely beneficial and was acknowledged as such by all who participated.

Chris has considerable knowledge and expertise in this area and is an excellent facilitator. He delivered a day-long programme facilitating a review of Board Governance against best practice. The outcome was a series of constructive recommendations coupled with practical advice on implementation.

I Would highly recommend Chris as a valuable resource to managers; CEO’s or Boards of Directors in the not-for-profit sector.”



I was blown away by the quality of candiates available on Boardmatch, I only wish I could have appointed all five candidates who had indicated an interest in joining our Board as Treasurer.”

Irish Hospice Foundation

“Boardmatch provided the Irish Hospice Foundation with a new member who is the Marketing Director for a large commercial organisation. This director has had an immediate impact in our branding and fundraising activities.”

Home-Start Blanchardstown

Home-Start Blanchardstown


“Home-Start is a very small local charity. We found using Boardmatch of great benefit in helping us locate a professional person who was willing to give his time and expertise for free on our Board of Directors. This saved us a lot of hours and some considerable money which we would have had to spend looking for advice and support.”

Matched Candidate

“Boardmatch has facilitated a win-win situation for me and the organisation I joined. I get the opportunity to be involved in the community sector doing something I’m good at and enjoy, while they avail of a volunteer who does something useful for them.”