Boardmatch Ireland, the National Corporate Governance Charity are delighted to announce the 1,000th voluntary director to have been placed by the service since Boardmatch was established in 2005. In such trying times for the Charity sector, where there is increased focus on the Governance, it is encouraging to see that high calibre candidates are still willing to go forward to serve for free as voluntary directors of charities.

Carin Bryans, the Managing Director of J.P. Morgan Ireland is the 1,000th match, she has joined the Board of the Irish Society for the Protection of Animals (ISPCA). Carin was delighted that her passion and interest in animal welfare was able to be harnessed to the needs of the ISPCA.

Carin said,” Working with the ISPCA gives me the opportunity to bring the experience I have gained in governance, financial and strategic management to a cause that I feel passionate about, animal welfare. Boardmatch creates a win-win scenario where executives like myself get to broaden their horizons and experience, and give back to the community in which they live. And it allows the not-for-profit sector access to skills and experience that they would normally have to pay for. ”

Chris White, CEO of Boardmatch Ireland said “board renewal is an essential part good governance. New directors joining boards provide new challenges to the status quo. The lack of board renewal has been a contributing factor in some of the current issues around good and transparent governance in the charity sector. It is clear that problems do occur when there is insufficient board renewal.”

Boardmatch would recommend that all charity boards review their governance and ensure that their directors have term limits and a limit on the number of terms they can serve. Boardmatch would suggest three year terms and no more than three terms, no one in the sector should really be serving on a charity board for more than nine years. This is not a legal requirement but it is good practice.