Reviewing a board’s effectiveness is a cricial part of Governance. The board sets the tone for an organisation so getting the tone correct at the top is of high importance. Carrying out an independent board effectiveness review is extremely beneficial to you and your board, results gathered from the review can prove to be instrumental in the success of your organisation.

Our Board Effectiveness Review offers independent and reliable results, and is a fantastic opportunity for your Board members to share their views and opinions in an anonymous capacity.

We have three main steps in our Board Review :


The first step is to put together a survey. We realise that a review can enhance a board’s performance once all Directors fully commit to the review and take the necessary time to complete the survey in an honest capacity. This survey will have input from the Chair as to the areas they feel needs delving into and to gather Directors feedback on. The survey is then circulated to all Board Directors with a closing date. The survey is anonymous for all directors.

You choose one facilitator from your organisation (e.g., board chair, governance committee chair; executive assistant) to act as the point of contact for the board. This person will work with the Boardmatch representative to set up the assessment. The facilitator will establish the beginning and end dates of the survey, provide a list of board director names and e-mail addresses, preview the survey, and determine if questions in the survey need to be customised.

Boardmatch, on behalf of someone you choose from your organisation, will send an e-mail to each board director with a link to complete the survey. Board members are given a deadline to complete the assessment, typically 10-15 business days.


The second step will involve Boardmatch collating the survey responses and analysing the data to pinpoint emerging themes. We will then organise the data into a presentable format. Once this is complete, clear themes will have emerged.


The third step will be a presentation to the Board. Boardmatch will report back to your board with a clear presentation of your overall performance, highlighting particular strengths and weaknesses which might need attention. These findings will assist the board to move forward together and work more effectively.

If you would like further information on our Board Effectiveness review
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