Anna Egan, Junior Secretary,

UCD Volunteers Overseas

International Development is something that I’ve had a keen interest in for years, so in November 2017 I decided to put myself forward for a graduate position on the University College Dublin Volunteers Overseas (UCDVO) Board of Trustees. On a personal level, my association with UCDVO has evolved a lot over the years. I started off as a student volunteer, which led me to sitting on the student society committee and then working for one of their partner organizations and today, I am acting as the Junior Secretary to the Board. These experiences have given me a well-rounded view in the understanding of the charity.

From the get-go I was interested in what I could offer the board, while also learning from fellow past-volunteers and professors alike.

While I had experience volunteering with UCDVO, I’ve also been involved with other Irish charities in volunteering, fundraising and development education. As I had also gone through the motions of being a volunteer for the charity, I knew quite accurately how the decisions made by the Board impact the students they’re directed at. This has proven to provide a level of insight which, in many cases, is lacked in many Board room settings.

The Board consists of some of the University’s highest-ranking professors and lecturers and this creates a varied and dynamic atmosphere in the Board room. We each have a unique background and set of skills which brings an interesting layer of conversation to every meeting.

As the Junior secretary, my tasks include minute taking, correspondence and meeting logistics.

Both strategy and governance play a pivotal role in the running of the Board; two aspects that I am a big advocate for.

As a Marketing student, strategy is an intrinsic element to any project, so applying this to the Board’s short and long-term goals is fulfilling and exciting.

It has been a great learning experience to date. There is great satisfaction in seeing strategic goals being implemented and fulfilled, and I love how each Board Member has something new and unique to offer. It has certainly been a learning curve, but I am looking forward to the next two years as a Board Member of UCDVO.