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Boardmatch Publications

Charity Legal Survey 2014
(PDF document – 935KB)

This report by Boardmatch Ireland and O’Connell Brennan Solicitors offers a comprehensive overview of attitudes within the not-for-profit sector towards the legal profession.

Boardmatch Transparency Scale
(PDF document – 0.98MB)

Boardmatch Ireland has developed a new Transparency Scale which rates the transparency of an organisation based on the level of corporate information listed on its website.

BMI Charity 100 Index
(PDF document – 0.98MB)

Boardmatch Ireland’s new Charity 100 Index reveals Ireland’s top 100 highest earning charities.

Boardmatch Training Calendar 2013
(PDF document – 0.98MB)

Here you will find all our upcoming trainings for the rest of 2013.

Boardmatch Ireland Booklet
(PDF document – 149KB)

The Boardmatch booklet gives you full information on our services. It highlights our achievements and the benefits that Boardmatch brings to not-for-profit organisations, business professionals and corporate partners.

Sample of Candidates May 2013
(PDF document – 146KB)

Here is a sample of some of the most recent high-calibre candidates active on the Boardmatch website.

Sample of Board Positions
(PDF document – 118KB)

Sample of 30 board positions posted on Boardmatch Ireland. This will give you a flavour of what type of positions are available on Boardmatch Ireland when logged in as a candidate.

Revenue Commissioners List of Charities
(PDF document – 1.96MB)

List of all bodies granted charitable status as of the 9th of August 2013.

Register of Compliance with Governance Code Jan 2014
(PDF document – 118KB)

A list of all charities compliant with the Governance Code as of January 2014.

List of Organisations on the Adoption Journey Jan 2014
(PDF document – 238KB)

A list of all charities on the journey to full compliance with the Governance Code as of January 2014.