Useful Guides for Organisations

Charities Act 2009

(PDF document – 91KB)
This is an update on the Charities Act 2009 and provides a useful guide on the steps that organisations can be taking now in order to make compliance easier once implementation gets underway. Many thanks to Arthur Cox and Philip Smith, Partner, for providing this guide.

Sharing Knowledge: Guide to Board Membership

(PDF document – 1.27mb)
This guide is the first of the Boardmatch Ireland ‘Sharing Knowledge’ guides. Compiled by Arthur Cox, the guide gives an overview of directors’ roles and responsibilities and good governance practice within charitable companies.

Charities Regulatory Authority: Guide for Charity Trustees

(PDF document)
The trustees’ guidance document is essential reading for existing trustees of charities as well
as people considering becoming a trustee. It addresses issues such as who trustees are, the
duties of trustees in general and their duties specifically under the Charities Act.

Charities Regulatory Authority: Internal Financial Controls Guidelines for Charities

(PDF document)
The internal financial control guidelines for charities document is a practical guide which covers the main areas of financial control for charities: income; expenditure; banking (including payments and loans); assets and investments; and monitoring arrangements. It  contains a number of useful checklists for organisations to ensure they have the appropriate controls in place.

Charities Regulatory Authority: Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public

(PDF document)
The guidelines cover a wide range of issues, from donors and donations, to the responsibilities of trustees, management and fundraisers, to financial transparency and accountability. The guidelines are based on the principles of respect, honesty and integrity and transparency and accountability.